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As the Board of Directors communicated in 1960 "each and every member wants to see Lakeview Circle continue as a safe, pleasant and enjoyable place in which to live." The good things in life don't change.

Shadowlawn Lakeshore Corporation

General Rules – June 30, 2010


  1. Visitors using Tract D facilities must be accompanied by their hosts. It is understood that immediate family members are not required to be accompanied to the beach (even if they do not reside at Lakeview Circle. LANDLORDS – Please advise your tenants that they DO NOT have waterfront or beach privileges.

  2. There should be no fires or organized picnics / gatherings on Tract D, except by prior approval by the Board of Directors in each specific case (i.e. reunions, school functions, weddings, etc.)

  3. No glass of any kind should be taken onto Tract D. Broken glass in the grass, sand or water can cause serious cuts.

  4. Cars and trucks are not to be driven on Tract D. If for some unforeseen reasons vehicles are driven on the tract, any damage to lawn or beach area must be repaired by the person responsible.

  5. Dead fish are taken to the dump once a week between May and September. Other times, during the week or in the off season, if dead fish become a problem, please put them in a plastic bag that is supplied by the fish bucket at the front of the dinghy rack.

  6. Dogs are prohibited on Tract D, unless it is after 5:00 pm and they are leashed and accompanied by a responsible person. Dogs may be unleashed for a swim providing they do not disturb other users of tract D. Handlers are responsible for immediate clan up after their dogs and should carry a plastic bag when bringing their dog to Tract D. All Village and Town Dog Ordinances shall be followed. Rules apply to all areas of Lakeview Circle.

  7. Whenever possible, refrain from mowing lawns and using loud / disturbing equipment before 8:00 am or after dark.

  8. Owners of vacant lots, rented properties or vacant properties should keep them mown and clean. Village Ordnances will be followed

  9. Any personal items brought to Tract D and trash created shall be removed and taken away when leaving at the end of the day. Please RETURN chairs and tables to the bulkhead after each use. This facilitates mowing and cleanup.



  1. Swimmers should swim within the swimming buoy area using the swim dock, permanent dock and beach for access. Swimmers shall not swim around the boat dock or within the mooring area, as it is dangerous since boaters are not expecting swimmers. This includes swim floats and paddle boats. Swimming to and from your mooring is at your own risk.

  2. There is no fishing within the swim area at any time. Lost hooks are a safety problem. Fishing is permitted from the boat dock, but their lines must be removed from the water when boats approach the dock and they must allow free passage to the dock.

  3. Sun bathing may occur on the swim or boat dock when they are not being used by others. If the swim area is in use or boats are coming and going from the boat dock, sunbathers shall use the permanent dock or shore area.

  4. Children shall not play on the boat dock or on the boats on the boat rack. Young children shall be supervised by a responsible person at all times.

  5. Boats are not permitted to enter the swimming area.

  6. Village law prohibits parking on the outside edge of Lakeview Circle. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY as children dart into the road between parked cars and into the path of oncoming traffic.

  7. While the Village speed limit on Lakeview Circle is 30 MPH, the curved road, limited sight line and pedestrian traffic warrant using a slower speed. License plate numbers of cars exceeding the speed limit or driving in a reckless manner should be reported to the Village police (685 – 3456) or dispatcher (685 – 3488)


  1. Please refer to the Shadowlawn Lake Shore Corporation Mooring Rules for specific mooring rules and standards for residents using moorings. All questions and concerns should be directed first to the Harbor Master.

  2. The boat rack is available for dinghies, canoes, kayaks, and small watercraft that are inappropriate to moor. It is not a storage area. Inflatable tubes and rafts left on the ground and boat rack that blow off make it difficult for lawn mowing. Please be considerate. Extra space is on a first come first serve basis provided each resident who desires a space has one. All watercraft on the racks shall be clearly marked with your LVC house number. All stored items have to be sea worthy.

  3. Boating Traffic Patterns: Boaters must comply with all NYS boating rules and regulations as well as current Lakeview Circle customs. The preferred pattern is to enter from the South. It is acceptable to enter from the North or even weave through the anchorage if the boater can do it safely. NOTE> The real danger is LVC swimming area and the docking area for # 14 (El Hassan).

  4. NO WAKE – especially important is the NYS “no wake rule”, which means going SLOWLY enough so you do not cause a wake until you are clearly out of the boating area. This applies to jet skis also.

  5. Unattended boats and dinghies are not to be left tied to the dock at any time so as to obstruct the “T” end section of the dock. This is so the boating dock will be available for the loading and unloading of passengers. When boat docking is frequent during summer weekends and holidays, avoid leaving your unattended boats tied anywhere at the dock except for a short period of time.

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